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There are more styles, colors, types and accessories of roofing today than ever before. We can help you fit the perfect roof for your needs matched with the things you value in a roofing job. One of our Roofing Experts will meet with you and help you through the process to come up with the roof type, color and extra items that make your home appealing as well as functional. As a top Atlanta roof replacement and roofing repair company, we can offer the widest variety of roofing options to fit any budget. We also work with your insurance provider to help you get any insurance claims processed quickly.

Atlanta Window Replacement Chandler Construction


High energy bills are often due to poorly insulated windows. New windows could save you a substantial sum on your heating and cooling costs. As the best window replacement Atlanta company, we offer the best selection of top quality, energy-efficient windows that will fit any budget. And our Easy Replacement Windows Estimates program means you can have a no-hassle estimate to replace your windows in just 10 minutes over the phone. And because we’ve eliminated the high pressure salesmen and expensive showrooms, we can offer you the best pricing you will find anywhere in Atlanta.

Atlanta Siding Replacement Chandler Construction


If it’s time to replace that old worn out siding on your home or office, the experts at Chandler Construction can get the job done on time and on budget. As one of the top Atlanta siding replacement companies, and the “go-to” siding installation company for one of Atlanta’s largest home builders, we can meet the most demanding schedules and have plenty of experienced crews that can get your home completely wrapped in new siding in just a day or two. We carry a wide variety of siding types, styles and colors – from affordable vinyl siding to premium Hardie Plank color-infused options. Let us help you choose the best option for your home or office today!



If you’ve been the victim of storm damage, hail damage, or any other type of damage that can be claimed on your insurance, we are now offering flat rate services for you in the most professional manner. Our services will include detailed estimates for what needs to be addressed that will be provided in the format that your insurance company needs to process the claim fast. With the estimate will be the photos, if required, to verify what will be fixed or replaced. All the estimates will be created using the same software that most all insurance companies use to make sure we’re “speaking their language”.


After nearly 2 decades as one of the top Atlanta general contractors, time has allowed us to hand pick only the most reputable subcontractors who are properly licensed and insured. And now, they too have become an important part of our construction team.

We also provide a construction management team that represents or consults with the owner on all projects assuring quality control, fiscal responsibility, and daily job oversight to guarantee the outcome of every project.

Our team of commercial and residential construction professionals are dedicated to adding space and comfort your home.owens corning roofing and insulation